This is it - the painting service you were looking for.

The original "three letter" painting service, since 2007. The most reliable, professional, full time commission painter in the world.

Many imitators, but only I offer the complete package - reliability, quality, creativity, productivity, and a reputation to uphold as a full time army creating machine. 

A strong foundation.

Grey Matter Musings is the brainchild of an obsessed hobbyist turned commission painter. It was started mainly as a side project that quickly evolved into a full blown, full service business that has been making busy gamers' dreams come true for over six years. I've succesfully found my place in the miniature painting world; a hidden corner where the miniatures are very high quality, the prices are fair, and the communication is fast and friendly.

An unnatural drive.

At GMM I pride myself on my customer service, friendly communication and creative thinking when it comes to client projects. This is my passion; I give each project the care and respect you would expect a hobbyist to give his own armies. Whether you are interested in a codex army painted in traditional colors to something out of this world original, consider me the medium through which your dream army comes true, and be prepared for me to be just as excited about it as you are. Yes, this is "my job," but there is nothing else in the world I would rather do.

A collaboration of creativity. 

Painting is my passion, that shows in every gallery update.  I love nothing more than a good day of painting and that feeling of setting a finished army up for pictures, but the sweetest feeling is that confirmation by a customer - "You took my idea and simply made it reality." The best reward is surprising a client with a picture of what they envisioned but struggled to put perfectly into words. This isn't just a painting service, but a collaboration between two people to create something epic.