You probably want to see all OF MY WORK.

That's great!  But first, you should know a little about me.


    Hello out there!  My name is Brandon Palmer, also known as GMM and the painter of every model on this website.  I wanted to give a bit of info about me and my services, and as I am not as well known for my writing as my modelling, I figured I would take the most common questions I receive and answer them here. Thanks for reading!

Who are you?  Where are you from?

      My name is Brandon and I live in Bloomington Indiana with my dog Ryder, a blue heeler.  I work from home where most rooms have been overtaken by the hobby in some form - whether stacks of new boxes of goodies, my Adepticon armies, my dedicated photography room, or my pirate cabin I paint out of. I love it!

how long have you been modeling and painting, both casually and professionally?  How did you get started?

     I have been into "miniature" worlds since I could first pick up a Lego when I was little.  In my youth I would sit in a room filled with whatever toy or building material I was interested in at that age. Usually Legos and homemade action figure playsets.  Most kids made cool forts for themselves.  I made cool fortresses for my figures out of whatever I could find.

      I got into miniature gaming at 14.  On a shopping trip to Greenwood Indiana with family and happened into a gaming store. I saw Warhammer and of course was instantly enthralled.  This was everything I always loved but so much more detailed and alive.  You could paint them any way you wanted!  You could make buildings for them and watch them walk across the table with written rules!  And I did.  I had just enough money for the Warhammer starter set and I  rebuilt and repainted those models at least five times.  I built all sorts of very rough buildings and castles.  That was 15 years ago and I never looked back.

      Over the years I stuck with miniatures but of course life and school got in the way. Art and art history, color theory and design have always been very important, so design was a natural choice for undergraduate study.  My classwork took over and painting was relegated to spare time and weekends. I had a decent camera for school, so I started taking pictures and posted some for the first time online.

      And something magical happened - people started asking me to paint them on "commission." I did a few single models, and had a bit of gas money.  It supported the hobby for myself and I enjoyed it immensely.

     I had a choice.  The design degree could be continued, be forced to move away, work at a print shop for minimum wage to get my "five years," or I could dive in head first and do what I lived and breathed. I chose the latter.  More time was spent on commissions. 

     After graduating in 2007 things were slow so a very cheap, $200 a month one room space in an old elementary school was rented.  Starting incredibly small, with a few great customers who gave me a shot, many of who are still in the game and I talk to regularly.  It was really tough in the beginning and in some ways always will be, but I am doing what I love.  Like Peter Gibbons famously asked: "what would you do if you had a million dollars?" This was always my answer and still is.

I thought you were a group of painters.  Why GMM Studio(s) if you're just one guy?

    Most people assume this is a group of people, and that is flattering however not the case.  The name comes from the very beginning.  Starting out with dreams of a big group and being in charge, I picked the name to grow into.  I realized over time that wasn't actually for me. Painting and modeling always has been a very calming and peaceful thing for me.  The waters as it were are only calm when I am working on something.  I prefer to do it alone, watching something interesting, and I work best late at night. Also simply churning out projects is not enjoyable, and more intimate  discussion and meaningful final results are not possible with a different person doing each step of the project.

     Since 2007 fate has given me the constant trait of working out of several places.  School and home, the first shop and home, and many others.  Even now permanent setup I find myself weekly moving around the house assembling here, painting there, I go outside when it is nice.  So it is kept with pride.

What sets you apart?

     I love it.  Around the world I am known for my work ethic and simply not burning out.  Miniature painting as a service has a very low threshold to enter, and an extremely high turnover.  People enter for no cost, and for prestige or other reasons besides the good ones, and when rubber hits road they disappear. 

     Some people create just to create.  They like making things, painting things - things to put on the shelf and be proud of and show their friends. But there are other people who create out of a need to create.  They need to make things and be in the thick of it or they feel something is wasted. To bleed out the stress and vitriol of life that naturally surges in us, being flawed by nature, every day. 

     Some people vent these issues by doing nothing - relaxing.  Some indirectly by trying to be "the best" at something such as a sport.  Others choose sports, cars, video games etc.

     I create.  My fate happens to be miniature painting and modeling.  I do it because I love it, I am addicted to making things.  I don't do it to be well known, although more of that helps keep the dog fed.  I definitely don't do it for the prestige - I would do it if there was an internet to show it to or not.  I also don't do it to make every dollar I can in the least amount of time.  I do it because I need to make things, I love miniatures, and this is a way to do it and also eat.

     I will also say that my greatest skill is not actually my painting ability.  It is that I have painted so many thousands of models, that a person can give me an army, three colors, and a few adjectives and I can mentally visualize exactly how your army will look when it is done.  

     You aren't going with a team of painters who each pair of hands only touch one step.  Not a part time painter who has more to gain by keeping your models and deposit than seeing it through, or has another full time job that can, and will, get in the way.  This is all I do, and I do it all. I am a machine, but a machine with a soul.  

     Many factors come in when choosing a painter.  If you are simply interested in a quick paint job my services are not for you.  However if what you are looking for is the one service with soul, that looks to top itself every time and make every single project legendary, then you are in the right place.

What levels of paint do you offer?

    Only one "level" is offered - what you see in the gallery.  It is really important to me to keep my paint consistent. Finding a sweet spot in painting that is what I really enjoy doing, what is a very nice and unique quality, and is also affordable to more than the 1% at the army level is very important.  

    A service that offers levels is a service that simply applies paint to a model. Doing less than your best is not innovative, not a sign of drive and not looking for pride in their work but the dollar attached to it.

Do you prefer to paint any one thing?  Is there anything you do not like to paint?

     No, not at all.  I have always joked I could model and paint Ultramarines my whole life and be perfectly content. Anything is potentially interesting and always looking for new games to paint.  

Do you prefer models assembled beforehand, or to assemble them yourself?

     When it comes to the final decision, I leave this 100% to the client. It is understood some people hate assembly and feel it is tedious, or have injuries that keep them from it.  Some enjoy it - this is great as I can see that enjoyment in the work they did and it shines through in the paint.  I have one customer that doesn't like assembly but likes to pick out bits, so he puts every single trooper in individual baggies.  I love it!

     Posing models is very enjoyable. My models are very "alive," in a realistic way.  Miniatures are best assembled as if they were observing and interacting with the surroundings in a natural way.  This is one thing I have always been proud of, one thing I believe sets me apart.

What do you normally charge for paint and assembly?

     I do not give a hard and fast price list, because with the variety of models out there and potential paint schemes it is immediately thrown out the window. It is fun interacting with customers, talking about army lists, and making paint scheme plans.  So anyone interested to send a list of models they are interested in for pricing is welcome.  Once I know the specific models, number, and a rough color scheme a price that is set in stone until completion is given.

     My pricing is very competitive for the quality you receive.  I prefer to make people happy and give good value over squeezing every dollar I can.  After all, this is what I would be doing anyway, and I plan to continue as long as I can.

Let's say I book a project today.  What is the turnaround like?

     Lots of projects come through here, and while my stacks of backlog look like many years, because I am always painting on average the schedule is only about 9 months, give or take depending on time of year.

     At the end of the day, I paint constantly, and try to be fair.  

In order to actually have your project put into the schedule, you need to complete just ONE of the following:

A. Send all of the models to be painted. 

B. Send all funds required to purchase the minis. The minis will be purchased as soon as funds are sent. 

C. Send a $100 non-refundable deposit. This goes towards painting and assembly price. NOTE: This deposit is not refundable and not transferable to any other person or project. If the scheduled time reserved by the deposit is passed, the deposit is lost and cannot be refunded

How small a project will you take?  How big?  

     Because of my backlog, preferred project size is 35 models or more for smaller skirmish games, and 2000 points for 40k.  These are not hard and fast rules, more of a guideline.  Larger models count for more and I am not going to ask for a itemized "wargear" list. 

     There is no upper limit to army size.  I have painted many armies well above 30,000 points; armies so large each step takes multiple full days!  I love it and I say "bring it on!"

I have no idea what I want But I want you to paint something!  Can you help?

      I get this quite a bit, and it is not the hassle they always assume it is.  On the contrary, this allows me to freeform come up with great ideas or use those that I come up with on a daily basis.  If this is you, there are plenty waiting!

Do you ship overseas?  Where are most of your customers from?

     Absolutely. Half of existing clients are overseas.  Shipping anywhere in the world is easy and safe.

I have more questions!  How can I contact you?

You can always email me -

You can call me - 8123607237

You can also get ahold of me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.  Each under "Gmmstudios" or through a link below.


Other Bits and Bobs

Purchasing the Miniatures

Who purchases the miniatures is entirely up to you. I will gladly buy them for you, or you can purchase them from your favorite store and send them in.  Feel free to purchase items online and have them sent direct to my address.

Ordering most miniatures - Cost of the model is required up front, with varying discounts depending on the manufacturer.  Note I do not mind ordering other items you might need alongside the project such as books, dice, etc. Note that most products are ordered in the US with US dollars, so those of you overseas can take advantage of the price and currency differences.

I can order Forge World on your behalf. Forge World is priced in US dollars converted, plus any fees such as Paypal. 

Money spent on miniatures is nonrefundable.


I accept Paypal, Check, Money Order, and wire transfer (with limitations). 

Final payment is due when pictures of the models are uploaded onto the website, and cannot be accepted beforehand. If payment is not made within 60 days of project upload, all models in the project become property of GMM Studios.


Domestic - $35 per package 
International - $65 per package

All minis are wrapped snug, carefully, and efficiently. I have good experience packing models from years of shipping, and I try and find the best balance of number of boxes and model safety.  

Insurance available upon request. Delivery Confirmation purchased by default on domestic packages. The greatest care is taken when your minis are packed,but nothing can make these indistructible. Once the package is out of my hands it is in the carrier's.  I cannot be held responsible for accidents or lost packages. I am also not responsible for the minis when in your hands. If the package is abused in shipping, you will have to take it up with the shipping service.

Note however breakages are rare considering the fragility of many of these pieces, and it is normally nothing to be to lose sleep over.  If you are worried, insurance can be purchased.

Also please note if you are overseas you may be required to pay customs on the package - you can usually find a calculator on your domestic carrier service. By using our services you agree to these terms.

Resolving Issues at Project End

I pride myself on being able to nail a customer's request.  Most find the final round of pictures are exactly what they wanted.  However rest assured if there are any changes you would like to see  just let me know, as I am more than happy to do so.

If for some reason a customer is unhappy with their project upon seeing final pictures and a compromise and/or rework cannot be achieved or is not desired by the customer, the models will be sold at auction. Funds acquired from sale will first go to covering commission service fees, the rest then reimbursing the customer for model costs if available.


By making a deposit you agree to all terms listed on this website and agree to all pricing, policy and procedure.